Oakland: 2015 & 2016 Telegraph - Two New Towers to Redefine 20th and Telegraph

2015 Telegraph (right) and 2016 Telegraph (left). Image: Google Maps
Telegraph Ave has always felt like a bit of a disappointment between 20th and Grand mainly because the many car-oriented businesses make this an unpleasant place to take a stroll. One corner could soon be much improved thanks to not just one but two new residential towers that may soon rise on both the northeast and northwest corner of 20th and Telegraph. 

At 2015 Telegraph, the western lot is currently home to a one story commercial structure as well as a surface parking lot. Plans submitted to the city call for a 14-story residential high rise structure that would be home to 114 housing units as well as ground floor retail space. 

Just across the street, the second lot at 2016 Telegraph, which is currently used for surface parking, would see an even bigger structure: A new 18-story tower containing 230 residential units along with ground floor retail.

Architectural firm Brick is listed as the project applicant. The firm also worked on designs for a tower just a few blocks down the street at 1900 Broadway. Interestingly, the owner of both lots is the city of Oakland so these may be former redevelopment agency parcels that are now being sold to a private developer. 

As only pre-applications have been filed with the city, the details of the proposal are a bit nebulous and construction work is not likely to begin any time soon. 

Whatever the story may be, and we'll hopefully find out soon, it's great to see these new proposals adding to the excitement that is building in downtown Oakland. With the Uber headquarters underway just across the street, we may not recognize this corner in just a few years. 
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