Oakland: 387 40th - Mixed Use Building Planned on Edge of Temescal Neighborhood

Image: Google Maps
A new mixed-use building is in the works near 40th and Shafter just a few blocks west of Broadway. The lot is currently home to a small commercial building as well as a private parking lot. According to plans filed with the city, the planned building would rise 5 stories tall and contain 38 residential units with commercial space on the ground floor. While few details are available for this development at the moment, the developer behind the project seems to be Portfolio Development Properties which is based in Walnut Creek.

Though this particular area of Oakland is not nearly as "hot" as nearby Broadway Valdez, there are nonetheless several other housing projects nearby. Just a block and a half up 40th Street, a parking lot may soon give way to a similar development, and just around the corner from there, yet another mixed user is planned
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Aaron Priven
June 9, 2016 at 8:53 PM delete

If I'm not mistaken, that building is the last remnant of the Sacramento Northern railroad complex that was formerly located there.