Oakland: 277 27th - Large High Rise Planned on Edge of Broadway Valdez District

Rendering: Holland Partner Group/HKS Architects
Whenever you think an area can't possibly see any more proposals, it's always nice to be proven wrong. The latest proposal for the soon to be unrecognizable Broadway Valdez area would rise on what is currently an Acura dealership (as well as some adjacent buildings) on the large intersection of 24th, 27th and Harrison.

The new building would be 18 stories tall and include 448 new residential units as wells 66,500 square feet of retail space which would make it one of the largest mixed-use developments currently proposed in Oakland. It will be immediately adjacent to a 7-story project at 2400 Valdez

The team behind the proposed new building is HKS Architects and Holland Partner Group. The latter is quite active in Southern California where a groundbreaking was just held today for a 24-story tower in Downtown Los Angeles.

Though the development is in itself impressive, it will also have a hugely positive effect on creating a cohesive and walkable downtown Oakland. Lake Merritt and the very popular Whole Foods Market across the street will be seamlessly connected to the new housing and retail developments of Broadway Valdez and neighborhoods beyond. 

Though there will likely be some tweaks to the design before it receives final approval, this is a very exciting project and my fingers are crossed that this development will be moving forward quickly. 

Thanks to the reader who sent in a tip about this project!

Rendering: Holland Partner Group/HKS Architects
Rendering: Holland Partner Group/HKS Architects
Rendering: Holland Partner Group/HKS Architects
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