Oakland: 1396 5th Street - What is Next for Burned Down Housing Site Near West Oakland BART?

If you're a regular BART commuter, you likely remember the huge fire that obliterated an under construction housing development immediately adjacent to the BART tracks in West Oakland back in June of 2012.

Years have passed since that building burned down and, what was once a promising first step toward the revitalization of the vast surface parking lots that surround the West Oakland BART station, has become an abandoned and blighted lot. 

After years of little movement, construction crews started to demolish the podium structure that survived the fire just last month. Now, the fenced lot is mostly cleared. It is not clear, however, what the future holds for the site.

Interestingly, this particular site has somewhat of a long history of false starts and dashed hopes. Formerly home to a Red Star Yeast factory that drew frequent complaints from neighbors, a proposal to develop the lot with market rate condos came close to breaking ground during the real estate boom of the mid-2000s.

After those plans fell through, politics and power plays led to an eventual sale to an affordable housing real estate developer who moved forward with a senior housing development. That project broke ground in 2011. Though, as well all know now, those plans never made it to fruition either. 

According to public records, no permits have been filed that would suggest that the previously planned 5-story senior housing development is back in play. With a sales listing still active, exact plans for the site are likely still up in the air.

Let's hope that with more development money flowing into West Oakland that it won't be long until someone buys this lot. And then, finally, we will see a nicely designed development rise on this long vacant lot. 
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