Berkeley: 1974 University - 8-Story Mixed Use Building Rising Above Fence

Construction on an 8-story mixed use building that broke ground late last year is in full swing as rebar is now peeking over the site's construction fence in Downtown Berkeley.

Located on the corner of University and Milvia, the project will contain 98 residential units and 8,700 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. 8 units in the building will be reserved for very low income families.

With seemingly endless demand for housing from both UC Berkeley and the local economy, it's no surprise that downtown Berkeley is seeing a few larger developmentsWhile this 8-story building is already on the tall side for Berkeley, several nearby developments would rise even taller. This includes the 18-story tower at 2129 Shattuck as well as the 12-story building at 1951 Shattuck

Rendering: Stonefire LLC/Johnson Lyman Architects
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