Oakland: 4202 Telegraph - Yet Another Mixed Use Building Planned for Telegraph Ave

Image: Google Maps
Not to be outdone by the Broadway Valdez area, Telegraph Avenue seems poised for a major construction boom in the coming years as yet another pre-application for a mixed-use building has been submitted to the city of Oakland.

The new building would include 12 residential units and ground floor retail in a 4-story building. Located on the corner of 42nd and Telegraph, the site is currently home to a small commercial structure that houses a dance/fitness/yoga studio as well as a construction business. It's not clear if the existing structure on the corner will be preserved with the new structure only filling up the storage and parking area or if the whole lot will be cleared.

As is usual with these pre-applications, not much details are available just yet but it does appear that architect John Clark  is involved with the project. This new proposal joins other nearby developments at 4700 Telegraph, 5110 Telegraph 5426 Telegraph and, of course, the major redevelopment of the MacArthur BART station parking lot.
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