Berkeley: 2902 Adeline - 6-Story Mixed-Use Building Proposed Near Ashby BART

Rendering: Realtex/Trachtenberg Architects
A pottery store and an adjacent apartment building on the corner of Adeline and Russell may soon disappear as plans for a 6-story mixed use building have been submitted to the city of Berkeley. Located across the street from Berkeley Bowl and just a block north of Ashby BART, this new structure would include 50 apartments, including 4 units reserved for low income households, as well as 5 live/work units on the ground floor. 

Designed by Trachtenberg Architects and developed by Realtex, the height of the building and the fairly low amount of parking (24 spaces) are already sparking some complaints among residents in the area. While this is generally a low-rise neighborhood, there is another 6-story structure right across the street from this building so it isn't completely out of place. Also, it seems that in such close proximity to BART, denser housing with reduced parking should be encouraged.

Based on initial feedback from the city of Berkeley, there appears to be some reservations about parking and height among city staff as well. With an ongoing housing shortage, let's hope that this project isn't needlessly delayed or downsized.

Rendering: Realtex/Trachtenberg Architects
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