Oakland: 718 Clay - New Proposal for Small Old Oakland Parking Lot

Rendering: Liberty Development Group
While Old Oakland has some of the East Bay's nicest urban historic buildings, the neighborhood's inconsistent streetscape with frequent surface parking lots takes away from some of its charm. One of these lots may finally disappear as a new proposal for a mixed-use building has emerged.

Planned for the corner of 7th and Clay, this new 5-story structure would bring 24 new dwelling units and 3,000 square feet of commercial space to what is currently, you guessed it, a surface parking lot. While not a huge development in itself, filling out these small gaps in our urban fabric is a crucial part of building a walkable and attractive downtown Oakland.

This project is just a couple of blocks away from a similar development at Broadway and 8th. With many more parking lots left to develop, let's hope we'll see some more proposals for this neighborhood in 2016.

Location of the proposed development. Image: Google Maps

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