Oakland: Broadway Shuttle - City Studying Extending Free Shuttle, Maybe Converting It to a Streetcar

Rendering: City of Oakland
The Broadway Shuttle in Oakland is a great (and free!) transit service that primarily connects Jack London Square with Downtown Oakland. The shuttle is fairly successful with over 760,000 passenger trips every year. With all the development along Broadway, the city initiated a study last year about the possibility of extending and improving the shuttle in various ways. After a first round of assessments the current possibilities are:
  • Extending the shuttle to MacArthur BART with service primarily along Broadway and 40th Street. 
  • Extending the shuttle to Rockridge BART with service primarily along Broadway and College Avenue.
  • Enhancing the existing shuttle between Jack London Square and 27th Street
  • Converting the shuttle to a streetcar with service from Jack London Square to 27th Street.
  • Converting the shuttle to a streetcar with service from Jack London Square to MacArthur BART.
The bus options would likely include upgraded transit facilities like bus shelters, transit islands, etc. Those alternatives also include an extension through Jack London Square to Brooklyn Basin. No preferred alternative has been chosen yet but the city is asking people to take this survey to get a sense of what the community prefers.

It would be great to see more transit in Oakland, especially as we're seeing an influx of denser development. A streetcar or enhanced bus service could really help bridge a gap between two major BART stations.With fewer stops and more frequent service it may also attract riders who normally wouldn't take advantage of existing transit options in this area. Find out more about the project here

Map: City of Oakland
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A streetcar or improved transport administration could truly connect a hole between two noteworthy BART stations.With less stops and more incessant administration it might likewise pull in riders who ordinarily wouldn't exploit existing travel choices around there. Discover more about the project upgraded travel offices like transport safe houses, travel islands, and so forth. Those choices additionally incorporate an augmentation through Jack London Square to Brooklyn Basin.My name is Nagaraj I'm working cab services in kochi No favored option has been picked yet the city is asking individuals These orders must be crippled of course in the primary arrangement of the firmware. This is an endeavor to bring down the likelihood of influencing another person's variation, with the additional side advantage of expanding the soundness of the primary codebase.