Emeryville: Last Major Marketplace Development Site Moving Forward with Retail/Parking Garage Plans

Rendering: CCRP/Hart Howerton 
The last major parcel of the Marketplace project in Emeryville that has not been fully approved is Parcel B. This lot is slated to contain a public parking structure with ground floor retail. Though parking structures are a little hard to get excited about, this proposal is nonetheless an important part of the overall development proposal as it will complete the streetwall on this realigned stretch of Shellmound Street.

Currently, the developer is floating two similar proposals for the site. The major difference between the two is that one would contain a second floor of retail space for part of the development. This larger alternative contains 39,500 square feet of commercial space as well as 405 parking spaces in a 5-story structure. The second alternative only includes 22,800 square feet of commercial space with the same number of parking spaces in a 4-story structure. The second alternative is essentially a fallback option if the owner can't find a suitable retailer for the 2-story space.

What's striking about the renderings for this proposal is that it shows the completely built up Shellmound Street. Gone are the huge parking lots and instead we have an attractive place to walk and bike.

4-story alternative - looking north with Parcel C development visible in the background. Rendering: CCRP/Hart Howerton

Looking south with Parcel A visible in the background. Rendering: CCRP/Hart Howerton

Looking east from newly created stretch of 62nd Street between Parcel C and existing high rise building. Rendering: CCRP/Hart Howerton

Overview of Marketplace development. Rendering: CCRP/Hart Howerton
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