Oakland: The Ridge/Rockridge Shopping Center Redevelopment Starting To Take Shape

Hard to believe it was almost 8 months ago that we last checked in with the Rockridge shopping center redevelopment project. Demo work had only just begun and for quite a while after that it didn't look like much was happening at all.

Now, however, things are starting to get interesting. The southern end of the site, which is home to the first phase of this project, is really taking shape. The steel frames for both the new Safeway and the smaller commercial buildings are now clearly visible. This part of the project will unfortunately retain a large surface lot in the center of the project but perhaps in a future phase 3 that could be redeveloped as well.

According to the project's website theridgeoakland.com, the first phase of the project will be completed by Q4 of 2016. At this point, the second phase is scheduled to begin construction. Full build out of the 300,000 square foot development is expected in the third quarter of 2017.

Building D, near the projects SW corner. 
Site plan for phase 1. Source:theridgeoakland.com

Source: theridgeoakland.com

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