Oakland: 2425 Valdez - Micro Units in Downtown Oakland Almost Topped Out

If you've been in the Broadway Valdez area lately you may have noticed a smallish new structure starting to peek over existing buildings. This project at 2425 Valdez has received relatively little attention despite the fact that it will be home to what are likely the first official micro units in Oakland.

The development will include 71 dwelling units in a 6-story structure on what is a fairly small lot. Though the building is currently surrounded by mostly parking lots, several projects are bound to transform this area into a dense housing and retail neighborhood. The project is being developed by Footprint Investments which owns several micro unit complexes in the Pacific Northwest.

Though a few micro unit projects have been developed in San Francisco, there has not been much interest in building these types of units in the East Bay. Since these units are usually meant to be a more affordable option for people who are willing to sacrifice living space to stay in an urban center, it's no surprise that Oakland has some micro units underway now that the city is one of the most expensive for renters in the US.

Rendering: Footprint Investments (via JS Builders)

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Ray Connell
November 23, 2015 at 4:23 PM delete

Any idea what the suggested rents will be? Seems like a great option for younger renters.