Oakland: Brooklyn Basin - Phasing Plan for Huge Development, Utility Work Is Underway

Image: Zarison/Signature Development
When I posted a construction update for the highly anticipated Brooklyn Basin development a few months ago, the site looked like it had just been cleared and was all but ready for construction. I've passed by the site a few times since then, hoping there would be some heavy construction work underway but, sadly, I could not see any progress or serious construction work.

Frustrated by this I started looking through some city documents to try to find clues about when construction might begin. I found out that infrastructure permits for the project's first phase have recently been issued and road and utility work is underway. Once utility work is completed, construction work for the first phase should not be far behind.

While doing research, I also came across the phasing plan for the entire development. Zarison and Signature Development are planning to break up construction into 4 phases, pretty much moving from south to north (Phase IA is remediation only). It's not clear at the moment whether the phases will be built one after the other or if some phases will be constructed simultaneously. I remember reading a while back that the whole project should be finished within 8 years, so 2 years per phase would suggest a back-to-back approach without much overlap. Interestingly, each phase will contain at least one tall building and one park or plaza.

Once fully built out, the project will add 3,100 residential units, 200,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space, 3,950 parking spots and almost 30 acres of parks and public open space.

Rendering: Zarison/Signature Development
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