Emeryville: Marketplace Development - New Renderings Emerge for Parcel A

Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects
A little over a month ago, I first wrote about Parcel A of the large Marketplace development that will reshape what is currently a vast expanse of surface parking lots in the heart of Emeryville. Plans for the two Parcel A buildings have been slightly refined after Avalon Bay presented the project to the Planning Commission last month.

The latest version includes 167 rental apartments along with 14,000 square feet of retail space. This means that there are now slightly fewer apartments (down from 179) and slightly more retail (up from 13,500) than when the project was presented last month. The design tweaks are also fairly minor though the new high quality renderings show an attractive set of buildings designed by TCA Architects. I'm especially looking forward to the newly redesigned and realigned Shellmound Street. Might it actually be possible to stroll through an infamously pedestrian-unfriendly part of Emeryville one day soon? Also of note is that this project will incorporate an extension of the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, connecting the existing bridge directly to Shellmound.

The project will likely receive final approvals from the city on July 23. According to the project's phasing plan, construction on Parcel A is slated to begin in August 2016 and could be completed as early as February 2018.
Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects

View of the the bridge extension that will cut through the project. Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects
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