Oakland: Wood Street Zoning District Development Area 4 Now Under Construction

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the developments that are planned for West Oakland's Wood Street Zoning District. It was Development Area 4 that had the highest potential of starting construction soon and so when I was out and about for a photo run this past weekend, I knew I had to stop by this part of town. And I'm glad I did because construction work has indeed started on Development Area 4. As you can see in the pictures, the vast lot has been cleared (mostly of weeds it seems) and construction equipment is on site. Since these townhomes will not include basements, we should see vertical construction very soon. In case you missed the last post, this development will include 171 townhomes and 5 commercial condominiums. The project's website is now live as well at www.liveatstationhouse.com though it looks like not much content has been added to the site just yet. You can, however, register on the website if you're interested in living in this development in the future.

Development Area 4 is now under construction. Rendering: City Ventures/Baran Studio

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