Oakland: 4901 Broadway - Temescal/Rockridge Mixed-Use Building to Start Construction Soon

A construction trailer and some equipment are on site.
It looks like construction is really heating up in Oakland as another mixed-use building is breaking ground soon. This time we're looking at the intersection of 51st and Broadway where construction work is already underway on two other developments (Merrill Gardens and the Safeway Redevelopment). Joining in on the fun will be the very lovely 4901 Broadway development that I posted about in March. The development will include 126 residential units as well a ground floor commercial space. What's especially exciting about this project is that it will replace 2 ugly billboards and a small commercial building with a very nicely designed mixed-use building worthy of this prominent corner (see rendering below). Demolition of the existing structure should begin soon and, as you can see in the picture above, a construction trailer and equipment is already on site.

Rendering: Brick LLP

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