Emeryville: Marketplace Development - First Look at Plans for Parcel A

Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects
As promised earlier this week, here's a look at one of the other Marketplace Development proposals currently going through Emeryville's approval process. Unlike Parcel C/Phase 1, Parcel A (along with Parcel D but more on that later) is being developed by real estate giant Avalon Bay

Parcel A will be located on an existing surface parking lot just north of the Hyatt hotel in the SE corner of the overall development plan. The current proposal calls for 179 apartments and 13,500 square feet of street retail along Shellmound Street. Its 7-story height will make it the tallest of the new buildings proposed under the plan. A cool feature of the project is that it will extend the current pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks. Instead of walking through a barren parking lot, pedestrians will walk through a nicely landscaped walkway that connects directly to Shellmound and all the new retail that will line the street. LA-based TCA Architects is behind designs for this project though we can expect some revisions based on feedback from Emeryville's Planning Commission. Currently, construction work is slated to begin by the Fall of 2016. As is often the case with large, phased developments it takes a bit of patience for everything to come together but in the end I'm sure it will be worth it!
The stairs in the middle will lead up to the pedestrian bridge. Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects
 Parcel A & the rest of the Marketplace Development plan. Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton
Street level view of the proposed development. Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects

Plans call for extending the existing pedestrian bridge. Rendering: Avalon Bay/TCA Architects

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