Emeryville: Marketplace Development Parcel C - Groundbreaking Possible in Late Summer 2015

Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton

The redevelopment of Emeryville's Public Market, now known as the Marketplace Development, is one of the larger projects currently planned in the East Bay and has the potential to significantly alter the face of one of the region's main retail hubs. I previously covered the overall development plan that is making its way through Emeryville's approval process but details about individual parcels are starting to emerge as well.

Though initially the realignment of Shellmound Street was supposed to be finished before any of the Marketplace projects break ground, it looks like now the schedule has been adjusted due to a delay in securing approvals for the new road. This means that the schedule for Parcel C has been moved up and we may see construction commence as soon as late summer. Developed by City Center Realty Partners and designed by Hart Howerton, Parcel C is going to include a 30,000 square foot grocery store, 66 apartments and a three level parking structure. The main commercial frontage will be along Shellmound and current parking lot driveway/future 63rd Street while the other two sides will be primarily residential. Current renderings of the project suggest an attractive industrial brick and warehouse-inspired look which is certainly appropriate given the area's historically industrial background. Also encouraging is that the parking structure above the grocery store has been masked very attractively to the point where it is impossible to tell that it is a parking garage.

Parcel C is in the heart of the redevelopment. Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton
Though the report makes no mention of what grocery store chain we can expect, by process of elimination (barring a relocation) we can assume that it won't be Trader Joe's or Safeway. A likely tenant could be Whole Foods. Though there are existing locations in Berkeley and Oakland, they are several miles away and both are quite busy. Also, the Whole Foods regional headquarters for all of Northern California are just across the tracks from the site. Other candidates that currently don't have nearby outlets are Sprouts Market or Lucky Supermarkets.

Whatever chain we may end up getting (and it will be a chain because this is Emeryville), I'm happy to see that the developer for this project is pursuing a very aggressive schedule and that we may see shovels in the ground before the end of summer. Updates on other parcels of the Marketplace development are in the works and should be posted soon!

Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton
Looking north on realigned Shellmound Street. Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton
View of the development from the newly expanded Christie Park. Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton
Marketplace Development Overview. Rendering: City Center Realty Partners/Hart Howerton

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