Bay Area Bike Share East Bay Expansion: Make Sure You Vote for East Bay Stations!

Suitable areas for bike share. Map: MTC via Streetsblog SF

Bay Area Bike Share started operating a limited number of bikes primarily in and around downtown San Francisco almost 2 years ago but, unfortunately, planned expansions were delayed by supplier issues. Now the expansions is back on track and bigger than ever as you may have heard elsewhere. A tenfold expansion (!!!) is in the works which will include 1,400 locations in the East Bay - more than twice the number of bikes that are currently in circulation. The new bicycles should start rolling out early next year but now is your time to let BABS know where you would like to see those new stations. Check out this link for an interactive map that lets you suggest locations anywhere in the Bay Area. Most good locations already have suggested stations which you can support by clicking on the marker and hitting the support button. I doubt that the feedback received from the public will be the sole determining factor in placing stations but it doesn't hurt to give them input about your preferences.

Though I have my own bike, I'm really looking forward to an extended bike share network. I think this will be a great way for casual riders and visitors to get around and explore different parts of the Bay Area without having to drive everywhere. If you're not convinced that the East Bay is dense enough for a bike share network, check out the cool bike share suitability map from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission above. Large parts of Oakland and Berkeley seem to be perfectly suited for bike share. In fact, the urban part of the East Bay seems to be overall more suitable than even San Francisco (likely due to hills)!
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