Oakland: 1701 MLK Affordable Housing Project Construction Update

Downtown Oakland may have lot of projects in the pipeline but, unfortunately, not much is under construction just yet. One exception is a small lot on the corner of 17th and MLK Jr. Way on the western edge of downtown where a 5-story building is currently under construction. Developed by Resources for Community Development and designed by Pyatok, this building will contain 26 units for formerly homeless individuals and families as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. Construction for the project looks to be in the final stages with vertical construction complete and facade work in progress.
I'm very happy to see more affordable housing in Oakland as rents are increasing at an unprecedented rate. While snapping shots of this development, however, I couldn't help but feel like a lot more needs to be done to make this area livable for residents of this and nearby developments. The insanely wide one-way roads with narrow sidewalks meant to quickly funnel people through Downtown Oakland need to be completely reconfigured if we are serious about building a walkable and bikeable community. This is especially true if we are building affordable housing because people living in those communities are more likely to rely on public transportation, walking and biking to get around.
Rendering: RCD Housing/Pyatok
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