Emeryville: South Bayfront Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Finally Ready to Move Forward?

A conceptual rendering of the proposed bridge. Rendering: Tsui Design & Research.
Even three months into my semi-regular posting schedule, there are still many projects in the East Bay that I need to catch up on. Some have been around for a year or two, others have been around for much longer. One project that fits into the latter category is the South Bayfront Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge in Emeryville - a crucial link for pedestrians and bicycles across the railroad tracks that run through Emeryville's center. The $8 million bridge would essentially connect Shellmound and Horton Streets with ramps near the proposed Sherman Williams development on the eastern side and Ohlone Way/Bay Street on the western end. 

In the works since the early 2000s, the bridge came this close to breaking ground in 2008 when the budget crisis killed redevelopment agencies and funds for the bridge disappeared. Emeryville's legal team, however, did not believe that the State of California had any right to take away these funds and filed a lawsuit. The city fist claimed victory in 2013 but the State quickly appealed the ruling, likely fearing a dangerous precedent. A year and a half goes by/is wasted but once again, the city wins on appeal in  January 2015. And then, finally, just about a month ago, the Supreme Court of California denied a petition for review which means that Emeryville has officially won!

It's not quite clear how quickly the money will now be available or if any of the environmental and legal paperwork that was done on the bridge needs to be redone since so much time has passed. Old conceptual renderings from Tsui Design and and Research show an iconic bridge that even includes solar panels in its eco-friendly design. It is not clear if these are the most current plans that the city is working with. Though the bridge may not be built as quickly as any of us would like, it's exciting to see this important project move forward. I look forward to riding my bike across this safe and thoughtfully designed new bridge!
A conceptual rendering of the proposed bridge. Rendering: Tsui Design & Research.

A conceptual drawing of the proposed bridge. Rendering: Tsui Design & Research.
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Slow Down
September 30, 2015 at 2:12 PM delete

Do you know if there is any update as to the timing of funding for these old Redevelopment Agency projects?