Berkeley: Regent Terrace/2597 Telegraph Ave - New Residential Building Going for Historic Look

A new development at 2597 Telegraph is unique for several reasons. It'll rise immediately adjacent to a landmarked structure from 1880. It'll feature 3-story townhomes. And perhaps most notably, it'll feature a classical architectural theme reminiscent of some of the older, grand structures at UC Berkeley. The development would include 10 townhomes, a partially underground parking garage and, despite its address, would front Parker and Regent Streets. It is designed by Oakland architectural firm Kirk E. Peterson and Associates which is also behind 2526 Durant Ave just a few blocks north of this development. Not much more information about this project is available at the moment, though being adjacent to a historic structure means that this development's design will be subject to even greater scrutiny than most projects. It'll be interesting to see how the Landmark and Preservation Commission feels about this project's look. 
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