Emeryville: New Public Market/Marketplace Apartments Only First Step of Redesign

Though no longer officially a part of the giant Public Market redevelopment, the arrival of the housing project now called EMME (pictured above) certainly offers a glimpse of what we can expect from this major redevelopment project now officially called Marketplace. 

Very little of what is today's Public Market will remain, and most importantly from an urban planning point of view, almost all existing surface parking will disappear in the process. Shellmound will be transformed from an unremarkable street that sits between parking lots and the railroad tracks to a retail-lined pedestrian and bike-friendly street. Lots of housing is planned, 488 units, and a good chunk of retail as well. Despite the project's proximity to the Emeryville high rise cluster, nothing taller than 6 stories is proposed. An expansion of Christie Park is will also be a part of the project. 

Preliminary plans call for an attractive mixed-use district. Source: Hart Howerton Architects
It's important to note that these plans have not been finalized and are subject to change as the project makes its way through the approval process. I truly hope this project, or something close to it will be built. This project could serve as a template on how to redevelop large suburban commercial areas into attractive, walkable mixed-use neighborhoods. If successful, we might even see some of the other major strip malls in Emeryville redeveloped.

Site plan shows a retail lined Shellmound Street. Rendering: Hart Howerton Architects

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