Berkeley: 2107 Dwight (at Shattuck) Construction Update

Rendering: Christiani Johnson Architects
Just around the corner from the Berkeley Honda redevelopment and the Garden Village project is yet another mixed-use building under construction. Located at the NE corner of Dwight and Shattuck, this site used to be home to several commercial buildings which were demolished last year. After sitting idle for a while, excavation is now underway for this development which is set to include 99 dwelling units as well as 5,600 square feet of commercial space along Shattuck. Designed by San Francisco-based firm Christiani Johnson Architects, the building will replicate some of the art deco design elements found in the neighboring mixed-use building while also including prominent large windows which will surely make for beautiful, light-filled apartments. Check out more pictures below.

2107 Dwight is now under construction.

Looking south on Shattuck. Rendering: Christiani Johnson Architects 

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