Oakland: Rockridge Shopping Center Construction Has Begun

While one Oakland Safeway redevelopment has wrapped up, another one is just starting out. On a corner that is suddenly a development hot stop in Oakland, the Rockridge Shopping Center's major redevelopment plans have entered the first phase of construction. CVS closed its location at this strip mall a while back and the entire northeastern part of the center is now closed. Safeway will move to the former CVS space once the first phase is completed. At that point the second phase of the development will commence. The second phase will include an attractive pedestrian-oriented development which will create a more urban environment along Broadway and Pleasant Valley Ave. It'll be exciting to see this ugly, car-oriented center transformed into something much more inviting, especially for those who arrive by car, bike or bus.

Former CVS space, future Safeway space
View of proposed development. Rendering: Safeway

The redeveloped center will create a much more inviting and urban feel along this major intersection. Rendering: Safeway 
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