OAK: Brooklyn Basin Transportation Plan Details: Shuttles, Bike Lanes & More

The massive redevelopment of Brooklyn Basin seems to be flying under everyone's radar at the moment. Maybe it's because we're not really seeing above ground construction yet or maybe it's because the project feels a little isolated from other parts of the city... Anyway, construction is chugging along but the Oakland Planning and Zoning Commission only just reviewed the project's transportation plan. Not surprisingly, many improvements are in the works in anticipation of the thousands of residents that will soon be traveling to and from the site. Here's a look at some of the plans:

Proposed Bike Network:

Source: Oakland Planning Department
The project would not only fill in a major gap in the Bay Trail but also provide an off-street bike path that will connect to the future bridge across the train tracks just east of the Embarcadero. Additionally, for those who are just passing through and want a more direct route, on-street bike lanes will be maintained (and hopefully improved) along the Embarcadero.

There's also improvements planned for those who take public transportation.

The area will be connected to BART and AC transit either via a shuttle or by extending the 1 bus:

Source: Oakland Planning Department
One proposal would include extending the current Broadway shuttle through Jack London Square all the way to 10th Ave, connecting the new development with both the 12th and 19th St BART stations. The extension of the AC Transit bus would follow a similar route with the added benefit of giving people access to transfer-free bus rides beyond downtown Oakland. Finally, another solution would create a brand new shuttle route that would connect the development to the Lake Merritt BART station.

For those attached to their precious cars, there will be more than enough parking with over 3,500 off-street and 400 on-street parking spaces provided for the 3,100 residential units and 200,000 square feet of commercial space.
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